5 Lockdown Habits You Need to Drop for Good Skin!

 Apr 25, 2020   Skincare

While we are serving time inside our homes, there is no denying that our skin too is taking a much-needed breather along with nature. Nothing could be further from the truth. You cannot wish for your skin to come out of the lockdown glowing and radiant if you’ve been on a questionable diet or laying your face on the same pillow for weeks.

5 Lockdown Habits You Need to Drop for Good Skin!

Here are 5 habits that will set your skin and body back to square one if you’re not careful.

Unbalanced/Unhealthy Binge

Snacking on sugary and oily food on most days can cause inflammatory acne breakouts. It is important to plate a balanced meal with leafy salads and freshly squeezed juice on the side. This routine will cleanse your blood and show visible results on your skin. You can treat yourself with a cheat meal once a week!

Unclean Pillowcases & Phones

Staying at home during lockdown increases contact with pillowcases and cellular phones since everyone is working from home. It is recommended to change pillowcases once a week and sanitize phones often to avoid the transfer of bacteria.

Slacking Off On Skincare

Living in lockdown does give your skin a break from makeup, but that does not mean you no longer have a responsibility towards its maintenance. The skin is prone to clogging after exercise sessions or even while cooking. It needs to be cleaned, treated, and moisturized twice every day.

More Stress & Less Sleep

Stress eating, stress drinking, and overthinking will only mess up your hormones, triggering acne, pigmentation, and upset your stomach. There are several things you can do to keep busy. Call up with a friend, exercise, cook, read, attend webinars, or take language/analytic classes to keep the mind occupied and maybe earn an accredited certificate or two that will add value to your professional prospects.

Post Workout Skin Care

Breaking a sweat to exercise every morning is great, but not taking a shower a few minutes after is a bad idea. The body heats up after excessive movement leading to bacteria build-up mixed with all the oil and dirt that was pushed out of your skin. A quick rinse and sealing the skin’s pores with a good moisturizer will keep the body cool and refreshed!

Maintenance is key to good skin care and also for keeping sane during these stressful and uncertain times. You need to let your body know that nothing has changed and look forward to joining the world again as someone with a better perspective and purpose.

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