5 Skincare Habits to Develop During COVID-19 Lockdown

Apr 16, 2020   Skincare

As the lockdown has been extended due to the COVID 19 crisis, we’ve all adjusted to a new normal. However, you have to be mindful of taking care of your beauty during quarantine, just like when days were normal. But the real question is how to take care of skin during a lockdown?

5 Skincare Habits to Develop During COVID-19 Lockdown

The answer is to develop skincare habits that you can carry forward to when things are back to normal. These skincare habits will ensure that you come out of quarantine with glowing and beautiful skin. Here are lockdown skincare hacks and habits you can follow:

Don’t Touch Your Face

Whether it is while watching Netflix or picking at your pimples, touching your face is a big no! Not touching your face is an effective way of preventing the spread of COVID 19, but it’s also effective if you want good skin. Touching your face transfers the bacteria and dirt to your face, which later causes breakouts.

While you are home, make it a habit not to touch your face as this will help you get good skin even after the crisis is averted. Isn’t this the easiest lockdown skincare hack?

Sunscreen STILL Matters

You might argue why would you need sunscreen if you aren’t leaving your house during this lockdown. This common misconception persists in the minds of many. However, contrary to belief, it is indeed important to apply sunscreen. Your screen windows might be effective in blocking out UVB rays, but certainly not in the case when it comes to UVA rays. They are the main culprit of wrinkles, dark spots, and bad skin texture.

If you’re sitting near a window or a room full of natural light, make sure to apply broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen. This is how to take care of your beauty during quarantine!

Don’t Stress Out

COVID 19 updates, work from home, house chores, and disinfecting can be some of the things that could lead to stress! All of us are aware of how damaging stress can be not only for our skin but the mind as well. Everyone’s body reacts to stress differently.

The best way to deal with stress in these testing times is to meditate, have a healthy lifestyle or confide in friends and family.

Drink Up!

Remember how you always found an excuse for not drinking enough water? Some of these might include a lack of public restrooms, being too busy, or even not liking the taste of water at your workplace. Well, there’re no excuses now! While you’re at home, make a habit of drinking a lot of water. It’s no secret that water can do wonders for your skin and overall health.

You can also consume lemonade, fresh juices, or jaljeera to keep your skin younger-looking!

Give Your Skin a Detox

Thanks to the lockdown, we’re all able to give our skin the much-needed detox. On normal days we would put a layer of makeup on and sometimes even sleep without removing it. Take advantage of this lockdown and let your skin breathe without a layer of cosmetics. That’s not all, carry this habit to when the lockdown is over and give your skin breaks to rejuvenate.

Make sure that you follow these lockdown skincare hacks and habits even when things become normal. Taking care of your beauty during quarantine will be effective in the long run! So, stay home and give your skin that extra care and love that was long due!

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