How Often Should I Exfoliate My Face?

Mar 16, 2020   Dr. Preeti Talwar Skincare

It is said, face exfoliation is the key to glowing skin. It is vital as it eliminates dead skin cells, polishes skin, refines pores, and eliminates wrinkles. Every minute or so, new skin cells push dead skin cells to the surface of the skin.

These cells, when accumulated, can lead to clogging of pores and breakouts if not removed. Face exfoliation unclogs pores giving you brightened face and supple skin.

How Often Should I Exfoliate My Face?

Benefits of Exfoliation

  • To get rid of blemishes and clogged pores
  • All skin types ranging from normal to acne-prone need it
  • A chemical exfoliant containing Beta Hydroxy Acid or BHA like the AHA-BHA Foaming Cleanser by The Derma Co. has AHA, BHA, and Salicylic Acid that penetrates deep to kill bacteria and clogged pores
  • Prevents signs of premature aging
  • It prevents wrinkling of the skin leading to a smooth and supple skin
  • Get visibly brightened face after every wash

Best Face Exfoliator to Use

  • Among the two kinds of exfoliators, a chemical exfoliator is best
  • Physical exfoliants contain scrubs and clay masks whereas chemical exfoliants contain acid serums and peels
  • Scrubs and clay masks might cause skin irritation and can be harsh whereas chemical exfoliants containing leave-on serums give an instant glow without irritation
  • Serums penetrate deep into the skin layers compared to scrubs and masks

How Often to Exfoliate?

Exfoliation is good for the skin, but too much of anything can be problematic. Too much exfoliation can irritate the skin leading to flaky patches and acne breakouts.

Tips to keep in mind-

  • Exfoliation should be done only thrice a week and once a week for hypersensitive skin
  • Exfoliate gently as skin is fragile and needs gentle handling
  • If the face has only a few dry spots, sugar crystal scrub is effective It is mild and gentle causing no reactions on the skin
  • Peels containing AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid can remove dead skin and enhance collagen production which smoothens the skin
  • Salicylic acid-based cleanser can be part of your daily CTMP routine
  • Exfoliate at night before retiring followed up by a hydrating night cream
  • Don’t exfoliate if there is a cut or wound on the face

Exfoliation for Different Skin Types

  • Sensitive Skin– Exfoliate gently with wet and warm facecloth only once or twice a week. More than that can lead to redness and itching of the skin
  • Oily Skin– Exfoliate five times a week
  • Normal to Combination Skin– Exfoliate thrice a week
  • Acne-prone Skin- Should be very careful and gentle. Do not exfoliate if there are pustules. Wait for them to dry and use salicylic acid-based exfoliators when your skin is ready

Treat your skin like a flower and gently exfoliate once or twice a week with gentle strokes. Moisturization is a must after exfoliation. A happy face is a reflection of how much you care for your skin, round the clock.

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