There is no one reason behind hair loss. Fixing it can be as easy as adding more nutrients to your meal, biotin supplements, or it may be trickier to treat that might require prescription medications. 


However, the condition, hair loss, and thinning can be treated, so put down your hair, and let’s discuss what can be done to help.






 Causes of Hair Fall and How to Treat It

Here are 4 Common Underlying Causes for Hair Fall:

  1. Stress


Major traumatic experiences like surgery or unchecked mental strain can lead to hair loss

  1. DHT


DHT is an androgen hormone that blocks the entry of essential nutrients required by hair follicles, causing it to shrink and stop healthy hair growth.

  1. Protein & Biotin Deficiency 


Hair follicles are made of keratin proteins, and therefore including a protein-rich diet in any one of your three-time meals will help with new, strong, and smooth hair. Biotin supplements have shown significant results in improving hair, skin, and nail health. Having one biotin capsule a day will help restore healthy hair growth.

  1. Heat Styling


Using heat to style hair without using heat protectants will leave hair fibers brittle and dry. Though heat protectants do a decent job, an hour or two of using heat halfway from the root to tips will impact the scalp barrier and lead to hair fall.

Treating Hair Fall

If you have certain habits that contribute to hair fall like hair styling without heat protection or tying your hair too tight, it is time to pause and let your hair breathe. Make changes and also address the problem early by incorporating Anti-Hair Fall solutions into your hair care routine. 

The Derma Co. Anti-Hair Fall Regime contains Anti-Hair Fall Oil, Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo, Multi-Peptide Hair Serum, & Biotin Capsules. Together they are a combination of clinically proven breakthrough ingredients that will heal and replenish the scalp with nutrients, repair damage, target DHT, and promote hair growth. 

Our hair protect us from external damages like UV, dust, and cuts to a certain extent. Therefore, we need to give back by feeding extra strength and nutrients required by the scalp to keep its barriers healthy and restore active hair growth.