Everyone experiences hair loss at some point. When you comb your hair and find strands clinging to your brush and shoulders, it can only mean one of two things.

  1. It’s either a part of a healthy hair growth cycle and completely normal. 

  2. Or, it’s not normal because you’re experiencing clumps of dead hair fall every time you comb or see more scalp peeking through the strands of hair. Something resembling close to a crop circle, it means that something is amiss. 

Hair Thinning: Identifying the Roots and Remedies

Understanding the Science Behind Hair Loss


When dealing with hair loss, the first thing to do is to determine the root cause of the problem. Find out answers to questions like ‘Is there something happening inside your body that is causing such a reaction?’ or ‘Is it due to change in the weather or change of location where the water is different?’

As mentioned earlier, some hair loss is normal and normal for some maybe 150 loose strands a day, whereas the case could be extreme for a few others. You would know when you’re losing more than the normal, and that is when you need to take necessary action.

But, first, let’s understand the cycle of hair growth. Three stages comprise a healthy hair growth cycle.


  1. Anagen Stage


At this stage, the hair follicle is active, with one or two strands growing at a time. It can last up to 2 to 8 years.

  1. Catagen Stage


At this stage, the hair has stopped growing and is preparing to shed.

  1. Telogen Stage


At this stage, the hair falls off from the follicle holding, and if there is new growth present, the cycle continues. But, if the follicle is dormant, it takes approximately 3 months for new hair sprout.

What Causes Hair Loss?

1.    Prescription medications


2.    Wearing hairstyles that are too tight


3.    Stressful event (e.g., Surgery)


4.    Thyroid


5.    Hormonal shift


6.    Pregnancy


7.    Inflammatory condition (e.g., Scalp Psoriasis)

Remedy for Hair Loss

Treatment for hair loss and thinning will depend on the underlying root cause. The Derma Co. Multi-Peptide Hair Serum is blended with breakthrough ingredients such as Procapil and Caffeine that help promote hair growth by performing their specific functions. Procapil is proven & well researched for its anti-DHT action. 


DHT is a hormone that causes hair to fall explicitly in both men & women, and Procapil stops that, resulting in the prevention of hair fall and promoting hair growth. Overall, the combination of these ingredients is a perfect solution for both men & women experiencing hair fall, slow hair growth, or even thinning hair.