One can never be too sure of the cause of acne inflammations. It could be heat, stress, excess oil, and dirt accumulation. With wearing masks being the new normal, it is not surprising if acne decides to show up, especially if one has to wear it for long periods.

Maskne is not new and is common for people in professional practices wherein masks are made a mandatory part of the uniform. 

The Struggle With Maskne And How To Cope


What Causes Maskne?

When you breathe or talk through a mask, heat around that area rises, and a lot of hot air tends to get trapped, building a suitable environment for bacterial growth. This acne-causing bacteria, along with dirt and excess oil (overproduction of sebum due to rising temperature), gets trapped inside pores and causes acne inflammation or, in this case, maskne.

It is also observed that the constant friction applied by the mask on the skin’s surface can also trigger acne or rosacea flare-ups. Moreover, comedogenic or oil-based makeup and lotions tend to make it worse. But, certain lotions, treatments, and matte sunscreens with the right ingredients act as protective barriers against possible friction or irritation.

Steps To Prevent Maskne

We have a responsibility to protect ourselves and others by wearing a mask. Maskne shouldn’t be an excuse not to wear it when out in public. If followed religiously, here are 5 steps to keep acne at bay and ensure your safety from the looming virus:

  1. Cleanse Thoroughly 

When out for work, washing your face or using a face toner to wipe away all the dirt, excess oil, and bacteria will keep your face clean, clear, and hydrated. Cleanse twice daily.

  1. Remember to Moisturize 

Using an oil-free moisturizer with anti-inflammatory and hydrating ingredients like squalene and zinc will keep your skin’s pH level balanced and acne-free.

  1. Seek Treatment

Applying a treatment product containing key exfoliating and anti-inflammatory ingredients like AHA & BHA will protect the pores from producing extra oil and keep bacteria at bay.

  1. Ban On Mattifying Protection

Sunscreen is an essential skin care product and needs to applied every 2-3 hours to ensure protection from UV light and free radical damage. Using an Ultra Matte Sunscreen with Zinc and Titanium Dioxide will control sebum production and protect against sensitivity.

  1. Clean Face Mask

Always use a clean and fresh face mask to avoid choking your pores with debris collected by the mask the day before. After using, make sure to wash it with an alcohol-based surfactant to get rid of the virus and bacteria growth.

  1. Avoid Makeup

If you apply makeup, make sure that you avoid the area under the mask. Makeup tends to clog pores under a mask, leading to breakouts. Try to use a lightweight foundation on the rest of the face and go heavier on eye make up next time you apply makeup.

While adjusting to the new normal and keeping yourself safe, don’t forget to take care of your skin. Remember to follow these steps and have acne-free skin effortlessly. Along with following the steps mentioned above, you should ensure to consume a healthy diet and lots of water.