1. Biotin & Multivitamin (30 Capsules)
    for Hair Growth (30 Capsules)
  2. Multi-Peptide Hair Serum
    for Hair Growth (60ml)
  3. Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo
    for Hair Fall Reduction (200ml)
  4. Anti-Hair Fall Oil
    for Enhanced Hair Growth (100ml)

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Customer Reviews

Raj Sharma

~ Raj Sharma

Hereditary hair fall? What’s that?

My father, grandfather and even my elder brother have male pattern baldness. Naturally, I was next in line and it happened. I started experiencing hair fall and was stressed out over it. I tried all OTC products I could, until one day I found The Derma Co. I Have been using the hair fall regimen for 6 weeks and the difference has been spectacular. My hair doesn’t fall anymore, and they’ve started regrowing, which is a huge relief.

Chirag Diwakar

~ Chirag Diwakar

Hair Fall No More!!

My biggest worry was losing too much hair and getting bald and it was coming true. I started losing hair all due to stress and poor nutrition. The hair fall was too fast and I had to do something quickly. I saw an ad of the derma co and bought the entire regimen. Using it for 4 weeks and the results have amazed me!! The products absolutely work and I’ve started seeing a visible difference. I don’t wake up with my pillow full of hair strands either. It’s amazing how good the products work. Thank you the derma co for this amazing kit!

Prishika Tandon

~ Prishika Tandon

Thanks for Bringing Life Back to My Hair!

My hair fall had increased so much that my house had hair strands everywhere, especially around the place where I spend most of time. Thank you, thank you so much for bringing hair fall range. I was already a fan of your skincare products and now haircare. My hair fall has significantly decreased, thanks guys.

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