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Amrit Kaur
Customized Skin Regimen Changed My Life
Amrit Kaur
I have tried so many products to get rid of pigmentation and none of them worked like The Derma Co. products. Pigmentation from my face started fading in just about 6 weeks. Powerful ingredients like Vitamin C and Retinol have simply worked their magic!
Kunal Awasthi
I Have Got My Hair Back
Kunal Awasthi
First of all, I want to thank this team who is doing a great service. Multi-Peptide Serum has proved to be a blessing for my hair. Procapil, Caffeine, and other hardworking ingredients have reversed hair loss. My hair has become healthy, hair loss is under control and the difference is quite visible and I’m happy with the performance of the product.
Thank You! My Acne Is Slowly Decreasing
I have had acne for over 5 years now and trust me, nothing was working in my favor. AHA BHA and Niacinamide in high percentage have worked wonders for my skin. Acne and acne marks have visibly gone down and my confidence has got the much-required boost. Thank You Derma Co. for making my skin clear.
Ritika Purohit
Bald Patches are Covering & Hair Fall Has Decreased!
Ritika Purohit
I’m in my late 20s and started experiencing hair fall suddenly. I was looking for products that had the right percentage of high-performing ingredients to solve my problem. The hair fall regimen by you guys has super amazing ingredients like caffeine, procapil, bhringraj, and biotin. Using your products, my hair fall has stopped and reversed! The difference is quite visible and I’m happy with the performance of the products.
Avni Kulkarni
My Face Is Becoming Clearer
Avni Kulkarni
It was the combined power of Kojic and Vitamin C that dark spots from my face are finally vanishing. The regimen designed by The Derma Co. is working like magic on my skin and there are NO SIDE EFFECTS. Now I don’t need to rely on expensive imported products for skincare. I am so happy and thankful. I have finally found the right products with the right ingredients for my skin concern. Thanks a ton guys!

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Jasmine Bhatia's Skin Clearing

Journey with The Derma Co.

Jasmine Bhatia, 25 Years
for Pigmentation

Kabeer Singh's Skin Clearing

Journey with The Derma Co.

Kabeer Singh, 28 Years
for Acne

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Dr. Soma Sarkar is a renowned celebrity cosmetologist and dermatologist who has been practicing since 2007. She has a niche in training doctors on anti-aging procedures all across the globe. She is also featured in magazines like Femina, Vogue, Grazia, and a lot more for her work. Currently, Dr. Soma is working as a Medical Director at The Skin Inn, Bandra West. You are most welcome to drop your queries related to skin. Stop Covering & Start Solving!

Dr. Soma Sarkar

MBBS, MD - Dermatology

Aesthetic Dermatologist, 12 Years Experience Overall (12 years as a specialist)

Happy Customers

~ Prachi Sanjay Patil

Acne Disappeared in 21 Days!

I’ve had acne from a very young age. After taking the skin assessment test I got a few products recommended by the dermatologists. My acne cleared in a few days and no new acne till date. I have never seen such visible and fast results with any other acne treatment product.

~ Robin Arora

FREE Skin Assessment Changed My Life!

The Derma Co. takes such stress away from you by using technology and Derma Assessment Tool for FREE - Based on this, it recommends extremely effective dermatologist designed regimes which help you solve these problems - I have taken the 21-day challenge and already started seeing remarkable difference to my skin, you should try the same.

~ Astham Sharma

Fast & Incredible Results!

The Derma Co. products have made a huge difference on my skin. I have taken the #21dayschallenge and I am loving the results.

~ Priyanka Phulwani

Best Regime For Acne Prone Skin

The regime suggested by the dermatologists at The Derma Co. was based on my skin type and issues. I have been using their products for a month now and I can clearly see positive results on my skin.

~ Raj Sharma

Hereditary hair fall? What’s that?

My father, grandfather and even my elder brother have male pattern baldness. Naturally, I was next in line and it happened. I started experiencing hair fall and was stressed out over it. I tried all OTC products I could, until one day I found The Derma Co. I Have been using the hair fall regimen for 6 weeks and the difference has been spectacular. A high percentage of potent and powerful ingredients like procapil have worked well for me. My hair doesn’t fall anymore, and they’ve started regrowing, which is a huge relief.

~ Chirag Diwakar

Hair Fall No More!!

My biggest worry was losing too much hair and getting bald and it was coming true. I started losing hair all due to stress and poor nutrition. The hair fall was too fast and I had to do something quickly. I saw an ad of the derma co and bought the entire regimen that comes packed with potent and powerful products with hardworking ingredients like procapil, caffeine, biotin and bhringraj to tackle hair fall. Using it for 4 weeks and the results have amazed me!! The products absolutely work and I’ve started seeing a visible difference. I don’t wake up with my pillow full of hair strands either. It’s amazing how good the products work. Thank you the derma co for this amazing kit!

~ Prishika Tandon

Thanks for Bringing Life Back to My Hair!

My hair fall had increased so much that my house had hair strands everywhere, especially around the place where I spend most of time. Thank you, thank you so much for bringing hair fall range. The biggest reason why I trust you guys have dermatologists on board and hence your products are safe to use. I was already a fan of your skincare products and now haircare. My hair fall has significantly decreased, thanks guys.

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Skin and hair care are both long-term commitment - and we’re committed to you! In combination with potent and powerful ingredients, our effective solutions provided by dermatologists help heal your skin, reduce dandruff and hair fall, we’re here to help you maintain the results too.

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