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Sarika Awasthi
Customized Regimen for Pigmentation Changed My Life
Sarika Awasthi
I have tried so many products to get rid of acne and none of them worked like The Derma Co. products. My acne and acne scars disappeared in just about 21 days.
Parul Patel
Remarkable Results, Light on Pocket!
Parul Patel
For the past few years, I have spent thousands of rupees on acne treatment and solutions without any results. Switching to the regimen suggested by the dermatologists at The Derma Co. I’ve experienced remarkable results. My face is super clear and bright, all thanks to The Derma Co.!
Priyanka Kapoor
Crazy Transformations!
Priyanka Kapoor
I have had acne for over 5 years now and trust me, nothing was working in my favor. Thank You Derma Co. for changing my life. Acne and acne marks have visibly gone down and my confidence has got the much-required boost.
Saksham Pal
The Products are Magical
Saksham Pal
It’s been 20 days since I am using their products and people have already started complimenting my skin. The blemishes have started to fade and I am so thankful that I came across The Derma Co. I took the free skin assessment and a dermatologist gave me a customized regimen for my pigmentation. I am so happy to see the progress. Totally worth the price!
Ankur Kulkarni
Clear Face is a Reality!
Ankur Kulkarni
Dark spots from my face are finally vanishing. The regimen designed by dermatologists at The Derma Co. is working like magic on my skin. Now I don’t need to rely on expensive imported products for skincare. I am so happy and thankful!
Raghav Nanda
Changed my Life!
Raghav Nanda
Using over-the-counter products on and off has caused more harm to my skin than the benefits. Ever since I started using the anti-acne regimen by The Derma Co. I have seen a clear difference in my skin & the reoccurrence of my acne has completely stopped.

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Journey with The Derma Co.

Jasmine Bhatia, 25 Years
for Pigmentation

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Journey with The Derma Co.

Kabeer Singh, 28 Years
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Dr. Soma Sarkar is a renowned celebrity cosmetologist and dermatologist who has been practicing since 2007. She has a niche in training doctors on anti-aging procedures all across the globe. She is also featured in magazines like Femina, Vogue, Grazia, and a lot more for her work. Currently, Dr. Soma is working as a Medical Director at The Skin Inn, Bandra West. You are most welcome to drop your queries related to skin. Stop Covering & Start Solving!

Dr. Soma Sarkar

MBBS, MD - Dermatology

Aesthetic Dermatologist, 12 Years Experience Overall (12 years as a specialist)

Happy Customers

~ Gunjan Gill

Acne Gone, Face Cleared Up!

I’ve had acne and hyperpigmentation for a while now. What started off as a couple of marks, soon covered my entire face. Nothing worked even after spending a lot of money on expensive doctors and imported products. Finally tried The Derma Co. after seeing an ad on Facebook and took their skin assessment test. Their dermatologist designed a customized regime for me that was suitable for my skin. I followed the instructions and in less than 3 weeks I saw visible results. Now my acne and hyperpigmentation are all cleared & I’m following their maintenance regime religiously. I am saving money on both visiting dermatologists and expensive products.

~ Karan Sharma

Customized treatment changed my life!

I’ve wasted so much money on getting expensive & imported products from foreign countries and got disappointed every time because of lack of results. After a friend’s recommendation, I finally gave The Derma Co. a try! The skin assessment test by dermatologist from The Derma Co. changed everything. I followed the custom regime that was designed for my skin by the dermatologist after I took the assessment and applied products as told. In approximately 3 weeks, acne, spots and irritated skin were GONE!

~ Shivani Bhatt

Excellent Cleanser and Sunscreen!

Finding a good non-sticky sunscreen that’s not imported or expensive was such a task. A friend told me about The Derma Co. and I bought the matte-free sunscreen to try. I also bought their AHA-BHA Cleanser and I’m blown away by the performance. Excellent products with great results. My skin feels great and these are going to be my repeat products. No more buying expensive & overpriced products!

~ Safina Anthony

Great Results for My Sensitive Skin

I have sensitive skin, and I usually avoid applying too many products on my face. But when recently I had an acne breakout due to season change, I tried out The Derma Co. products on the recommendation of a friend who is a regular user & a fan. The regimen was designed especially for my sensitive skin by skin experts. This ensured that the problem is worked from the root, that too, with utmost gentle care for my sensitive skin. Thankfully, customization has come as a big blessing or me via these products.

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