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The derma co vitamin c tablets

1000 mg Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets For Skin Radiance

Makes Skin Radiant | Boosts Collagen
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Say YES to Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets for healthy, glowing & clear skin. Vitamin C has potent skin-brightening properties that have been clinically proven to neutralize oxidative damage and inhibit sebum production. The tablets help fade dark spots, promote even skin tone, and offer anti-aging benefits too. The combination of Vitamin C & Collagen increases iron absorption which helps carry oxygen throughout the body thereby strengthening the body's natural defense system from tiredness and fatigue. The 100o mg Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets provide the perfect dose of immunity supplement for skin and gut health in a single-serve.

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Benefits to Love

The Derma Co Vitamin C Tablets promotes skin health
Promotes Skin Health
The anti-inflammatory properties of zinc & bioflavonoids will protect skin from acne, scarring, and pigmentation.
Rich In Antioxidants
It enhances muscle metabolism to help maintain energy levels throughout the day. All you have to do is take one each morning and carpe diem!
Derma Tablets are rich in antioxidants
Derma Vitamin C Tablets boosts collagen
Boosts Collagen
With regular use, 1000mg Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets improve skin’s complexion and reduce wrinkles & fine lines.


What Problems Will Derma Co Vitamin C tablets Work On?

Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets is a sugar-free supplement that helps build immunity and boosts collagen for healthier skin, hair, and nails.

Are There Any Side Effects I Should Be Worried About using these Derma co collagen tablets?

Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets by The Derma Co. are clinically tested and there are no recorded side effects.

How Many Derma Co Tablets Should I Take?

Take one tablet a day for best results.

Can I Use This Capsule Along with Other Supplements?

We recommend that you consult your doctor before combining it with other supplements. Consult your gynecologist before using this product if you are pregnant, nursing, on medication, or have a medical condition.

Should We Take The Derma Co Vitamin C Tablets in Warm, Normal, or Cold Water?

For best taste, use the derma vitamin c tablets with chilled water.

I Have Hypersensitive Skin, Can I Use Derma Tablets?

Absolutely! Your skin type doesn’t determine if you can take these tablets or not; hence it’s completely safe to be used.

Do I Have to Stir the Tablets to Help them Dissolve?

No, do not stir the tablets, let them dissolve on their own to keep the fizz intact.

What are Derma Co Vitamin C tablets benefits?

The Derma Co Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets are rich in antioxidants and reduce wrinkles. It prevents acne, pigmentation and improves skin complexion.

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Kanchan Pandey | OCT 28, 2023
Verified Purchase
This might be the best vitamin C tablets to consume. It not only helps the skin but also tastes good. I have been taking these tablets for a few weeks and it has helped me reduce dark spots and evens out my skin tone. I feel fresh and energetic thanks to this tablet. Would totally recommend this one.
Carol Fernandes | OCT 7, 2023
Verified Purchase
It's really good would recommend you to buy it
Sajin Jose | JUL 8, 2023
Verified Purchase
The product seems to be good . The delivered product post expiry .
POONAM | JUN 27, 2023
Verified Purchase
It is actually really effective. Result is visible in just 2 weeks