Derma co milky peel

15% Milky Peeling Face Solution with 15% Lactic Acid, 5% PHA & 1% Oat Beta Glucans - 30ml

10 Minutes Weekly Exfoliation | Made For Sensitive Skin
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Meet our multitasking hero - 15% Milky Peeling Face Solution that's designed to bring back life to dull and lifeless skin. Containing Lactic Acid, an effective yet gentle AHA, it effectively treats hyperpigmentation and age spots. Perfect for sensitive skin, the peeling solution deeply exfoliates to reduce the appearance of pores and improve skin tone. PHA and Oat Beta Glucans come together to deeply exfoliate and give you soft, smooth, and glowing skin.

Consumer Testing Results

90% of consumers found improvement in their skin texture and glow after using Lactic Acid.

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Benefits to Love

derma co milky peel for exfoliation
Gentle 10 Minute Exfoliation
Apply, peel & voila! The magic is all in 10 minutes. Crafted with Lactic Acid, PHA & Oat Beta Glucans, this peeling solution is great for sensitive skin.
Boosts Collagen & Refines Texture
It smoothes out the skin surface, tightens lax pores, improves skin structure & reduces signs of aging by minimizing pores, accelerating cell turnover, & repairing the skin’s protective barrier.
derma co milky peel for smooth skin
derma co milky peel for hydration
Hydrates & Glows
Power-packed with 1% Oat Beta Glucans & 15% Lactic Acid, this peeling solution keeps your skin hydrated and glowing.


Will this Derma co Milky Peel Help Me Treat My Wrinkles?

Yes, The Derma Co. 15% Milky Peeling Face Solution is blended with 15% Lactic Acid, 5% PHA & 1% Oat Beta Glucans that helps fight pigmentation and bring out a younger, clearer & improved skin.

Is It Effective On Sensitive Skin?

Yes, 15% AHA + 1% BHA Beginner Face Peeling Solution is suitable for all skin typesYes, the Derma Co 15% Milky Peeling Face Solution is specially formulated for sensitive skin.

How Does This Peeling Solution Help Treat Pigmentation?

The 15% Milky Face Peeling Solution is formulated with the superpowers of 15% Lactic Acid that helps treat pigmentation, improves skin tone, and reduces the appearance of pores.

Are There Any Side Effects I Should Be Worried About?

Don’t worry! There are no recorded side effects of using this Derma co milky peel, and it’s completely normal to experience mild burning after application. It lasts for 10-12 seconds and happens due to active ingredients within the serum.

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Shagun agarwal | SEP 2, 2023
Verified Purchase
This milky peeling solution is boom for just ten minutes it gives nice glow to skin ...using it twice a week and my skin fell nourished and better so easy to use and gives so much radiance to face side effects at all i faded away my spots also and made my skin softer ...easiest way to get healthy looking skin
Shivangi sharma | JUL 2, 2023
Verified Purchase
I m fan of this product i have very sensitive skin and it suits me very well clear skin no blackheads
Vijji | JUN 5, 2023
Verified Purchase
A beginer friendly peel. Best peel to use weekly for the face and neck
Shruti | APR 10, 2023
Verified Purchase
One of the best product i use for my sensitive skin,it removes uneven skin tone,makes my skin brightening and also faded the dark sports.must try one 8f the best product it is for dull and dark skin