2% Granactive Retinoid Serum

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2% Granactive Retinoid Serum
Deep & Gentle Exfoliation – Good skin comes to those who exfoliate their skin regularly. The 2% Granactive Retinoid Serum is a PM skincare product that gently exfoliates to resurface new skin cells with accelerated cell turnover. This removes dead skin along with traces of pigmentation, acne marks, and age spots. It also clarifies clogged pores to prevent acne breakouts and scarring. All in all, this serum is just what your skin needs to stay in the pink of health. 
Reduces Signs of Aging – It’s time for visibly younger skin! Retinoids have powerful anti-aging properties that reverse or slow down aging, restoring a more youthful and radiant appearance. It does so by boosting collagen production in skin cells that help rebuild thickness and smooth out fine lines & wrinkles, thus improving elasticity, strength, and firmness. 
Improves Uneven Texture – Active formulation of retinoid emulsion helps the transition of compromised & bumpy skin to smooth & even skin texture. It works by clarifying and minimizing enlarged pores. Pore congestion also triggers angry red acne bumps that subside and heal faster with the retinoid serum's cell proliferation prowess. It’s time for filter-free selfies and skin that’s healthy and clear!

Rating and Reviews

Anju puri
This 2% granactive retinoid serum is a serum which reduces fine lines and wrinkles.This skincare product removes dead skin along with laces of pigmentation.It removes acne marks and age spots.It gives healthy and bright skin.It also helps to reduce signs of aging.It also improves skin texture and repair dead skin into smooth skin.
Smitha harshavardhan
This 2% granactive retinod serum is something anyone can use after 30 years.. This is specially for fine lines and wrinkles.. I have been using it for a month now, and can see a lot of changes. It definitely reduces signs of aging as you use it frequently thus improving elasticity and firmness of the skin.. Also improves uneven texture of skin which causes due to aging.. I recommended this 100%
Navjot Kaur
This product is really good if you are a beginner. It is not very harsh or it doesn’t breakout your skin or even dries out it.