The Derma co vitamin c face wash

2% Vitamin C Gel Daily Face Wash with Vitamin C, Rosehip & Orange Peel Extract for Glowing Skin - 80ml

Deeply Cleanses | Brightens & Evens Skin Tone
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Out with the old, in with the NEW! Glow all the way with The Derma Co 2% Vitamin C Gel Face Wash with a powerful blend of Vitamin C, Rosehip Extract, and Orange Peel Extract. Vitamin C works its magic to make your skin glow and banishes those pesky discolorations. Bid farewell to pigmentation, as this superhero ingredient evens your skin tone while making it brighter. But wait, there's more! Enter Rosehip Extract, which quenches dry and itchy skin, revealing a captivating glow. It's like a refreshing sip of hydration for your skin, making dryness and discomfort a thing of the past. And let's not forget Orange Peel Extract, which with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory powers, keeps your skin calm and soothed. Embrace this extraordinary fusion, and unlock the door to the glowing, healthy skin you've always dreamed of.

Consumer Testing Results

80% of consumers found improvement in their skin tone after using Vitamin C.

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Benefits to Love

the derma co vitamin c face wash for glowing skin
Makes Skin Glow
It’s time to GLOW! Thanks to the ultimate glow boosting properties of Vitamin C.
Deeply Cleanses & Hydrates
Carefully crafted with Rosehip Extract, this face wash keeps the skin hydrated, super cleansed and doesn’t strip the skin’s natural oils. It’s a win-win!
the derma co vitamin c face wash hydrates skin
the derma co vitamin c face wash for skin tone
Even Skin Tone
Lighten the signs of pigmentation, dullness & sun damage with the ultimate glow booster -2% Vitamin C Gel Daily Face Wash.

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Nikita Tayal | APR 16, 2024
Verified Purchase
The Derma Co 2% Vitamin C Gel Daily Face Wash is a worthy product. It brightens my skin with every wash and makes it effortlessly smooth and supple. It is easy to use and can be used by anyone looking for glowing skin. Truly awesome!
Anamika Khanna | APR 16, 2024
Verified Purchase
I just love the glowing face wash for dry skin by Derma Co! It has the benefits of Vitamin C and Rosehip to make my skin look fresh, healthy, and radiant with every wash. It is worth buying for everyone looking for a great face wash.
Trishla Jain | APR 16, 2024
Verified Purchase
I heard a lot about this glowing face wash for sensitive skin by The Derma Co and wanted to try it out. It offers surprisingly great results, way better than what I expected! My skin looks so smooth and radiant in just a few weeks of use. Love it!
Aradhya | APR 16, 2024
Verified Purchase
I heard a lot about the benefits of natural ingredients and wanted to buy a face wash with rosehip oil. It brightens my skin and makes it feel healthy inside out. It is super easy to use and is a fantastic glowing face wash for normal skin.