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20% Actives Peptide-Stem Cell Hair Growth Serum with Foligen Analupe & Anagain For Hair Growth - 30 ml

Reduces Hair Fall | Boosts Hair Growth | Nourishes Scalp
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Good hair days are about to become a norm, thanks to this ground-breaking serum that actually delivers results. Meet The Derma Co. 20% Actives Peptide-Stem Cell Hair Growth Serum that rescues your hair from thinning, breakage, and hair loss. In turn, it boosts hair growth and gives you stronger, thicker, and fuller hair in no time. Formulated with the power-packed duo of Foligen Analupe & Anagain, this hair growth serum reinforces the hair's natural growth cycle & restores hair vitality. Infused with an innovative blend of Copper Peptide & Root Biotech, it prevents hair loss, improves scalp health, and creates an optimal environment for new hair growth. And we’ve saved the best for the last! It also has Redensyl - a plant-based compound that targets hair stem cells, reactivates dormant hair follicles, improving hair density and scalp health. Don’t let hair fall hold you back any longer! Just apply, massage, and get ready for a healthier, luscious mane.

Benefits to Love

Reduces Hair Fall & Breakage
Let hair fall be a thing of the past! 20% Actives Peptide-Stem Cell Hair Growth Serum nourishes and strengthens your scalp and strands effectively. It reduces hair breakage by strengthening hair follicles. The result is longer, stronger & resilient tresses.
Boosts Hair Growth
New hair growth? Not a dream anymore. If you’re experiencing a sparse hairline, this serum is perfect for you. The perfect blend of Foligen Analupe, Anagain, Redensyl, and Copper Peptide adds much-needed nourishment from roots to tips, resulting in healthy hair growth!
Improves Scalp Health
Healthy scalp = healthy hair! 20% Actives Peptide-Stem Cell Hair Growth Serum nourishes & improves scalp health, and fortifies the foundation for hair growth.

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