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4% Urea Deep Moisturizing Cream with Urea, Lactic Acid, and Ceramide Complex - 100 gm

Deeply Moisturizes | Gently Exfoliates | Non-Greasy & Lightweight
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Ditch the dry and say hi to nourished and smooth skin. The all-new 4% Urea Deep Moisturizing Cream is a potent combination of actives and ceramides. It not only exfoliates gently to slough off dead skin cells but also moisturizes deeply so you’re left with skin that’s nourished from within. It also repairs & heals the skin's natural barrier. So no more desert dryness, only plump and healthy skin! Powered with science-backed actives, 4% Urea Deep Moisturizing Cream is your ultimate moisturizing go-to. Leading the ingredient pack, Urea gently sloughs away dead skin cells, unveiling fresher and smoother skin, enabling deeper moisturization. Ceramides curb moisture loss and strengthen the skin barrier, giving your skin that aww-some smooth texture. Lactic Acid helps the skin absorb moisture while brightening and smoothening your skin. Even better, this dermat-approved cream gets absorbed instantly and isn’t heavy or sticky. So, slather it on and say adios to dryness for good.

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Benefits to Love

Deeply Moisturizes Skin
Formulated with Ceramide and Urea, this cream intensely moisturizes & nourishes your skin, making it velvety soft and supple.
Gently Exfoliates
Packed with the gentle exfoliation benefits of Urea, this hard-working cream sloughs off dead skin cells & promotes cellular turnover. The result? Brighter, smoother skin with a texture to die for!
Relieves Dryness
Down with dryness and flakiness! This nourishing cream locks in your skin’s natural moisture and soothes inflammation.


Will This Get Rid of Dry Patches?

Dry patches are a sign of dehydrated skin and weakened skin barrier. 4% Urea Deep Moisturizing Cream intensely moisturizes skin and repairs your skin barrier. With consistent use, this cream will keep dryness at bay.

Will This Suit Oily Skin?

Absolutely, 4% Urea Deep Moisturizing Cream hydrates and moisturizes skin without being heavy or greasy. It gets absorbed into the skin without leaving any residue.

Can Men Use This Moisturizer?

Yes, absolutely. Anyone and everyone can use 4% Urea Deep Moisturizing Cream.

Can I Use This Everyday?

Yes, the 4% Urea Deep Moisturizing Cream can be used everyday.

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Meenu Tiwari | FEB 23, 2024
Verified Purchase
It is very hydrating serum and very good for skin. When I tried it my skin become fresh and felt very energetic. It is very lightweight and easily absorb. I use this formula daily.
Roshi mayers | FEB 7, 2024
Verified Purchase
I really feel my skin is better to use derma co product thankyou derma co
Shagun agarwal | FEB 2, 2024
Verified Purchase
Using the product since two months and my skin never feel better deeply nourishes skin ,light in weight , suitable for all skin types and absorbs quickly without leaving any oily effect ....i am regular with this product ...i recommend it better than most of the moisturizer available in market
Tulika Chakroborty | FEB 2, 2024
Verified Purchase
My skin is normal to dry. Often looks dead because of dead skin. This urea deep moisturizer from DermaCo is a magical product. It keep my skin super hydrated but surprisingly its very light weight. Amazing thing is it exfoliate the skin gently & makes it soft & glowy. Loved it.