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5% Propylene Oil-Free Moisturizer with Propylene Glycol & Hyaluronic Acid - 100 g

Upto 48 hours Hydration | Lightweight Formula
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Always longed for a moisturizer that doesn’t leave your skin oily and greasy? We’ve got the solution you need. Here’s 5% Propylene Oil-Free Moisturizer that delivers a serious dose of hydration without the greasiness. Super light in texture, it keeps your skin moisturized for upto 48 hours (yes, you read that right). Formulated with potent humectants like 5% Propylene Glycol that pushes hydration to the outermost layer of the skin & 1% Hyaluronic Acid that locks in moisture, this oil-free moisturizer instantly hydrates & plumps up your skin. Also in the mix is Ceramide Complex which protects & strengthens your skin barrier while preventing moisture loss. The result? Soft, supple, and hydrated skin like never before.

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Benefits to Love

Hydrates Skin For Upto 48 hours
Powered with potent humectants like Propylene Glycol and Hyaluronic Acid, this moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated for upto 48 hours without any greasy residue.
Makes Skin Smooth & Soft
Continuous usage of this moisturizer strengthens the skin barrier, resulting in soft & smooth skin.
Ultralight & Non-Greasy.
Super light on your skin, the 5% Propylene Oil-Free Moisturizer keeps dryness at bay without being sticky or heavy.


Will This Suit My Oily Skin?

Yes, absolutely. 5% Propylene Oil-Free Moisturizer has a lightweight texture and it gets absorbed into the skin without leaving any oily residue.

Can I Use it with Other Products?

Yes, definitely. 5% Propylene Oil-Free Moisturizer can be paired with other products effortlessly.

Do I Need To Apply Sunscreen After Using This Moisturizer?

Yes. If you are using this moisturizer during the day, you must follow it up with sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage.

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Laxmi Vithalani | FEB 1, 2024
Verified Purchase
This moisturizer really soothes my skin and gives good nourishment .Best oil free moisturizer which also gives glow to your skin.It is a perfect moisturizer for all skin types.It is non greasy I use only a pea piece of this and it gives whole day moisturizer .It also helps to repair skin barrier .
Priyanka Agarwal | JAN 31, 2024
Verified Purchase
5% propylene oil free moisturizer, Good oil free moisturizer deliver good amount of hydration without the greasiness. Super light in texture and keeps skin moisturized for up to almost 2 days. It locks the moisture and instantly hydrates skin like never before.
GlamwithTania | JAN 28, 2024
Verified Purchase
Dermaco 5% Propylene Oil-Free locks skin moisture and oil free too