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7% AHA + 1% BHA Overnight Face Peel With Glycolic, Lactic, Phytic & Salicylic Acid for Daily Exfoliation - 30ml

For Daily Gentle Exfoliation
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Did anyone say overnight face peel? We heard you! Make way for a gentle yet powerful formula of 7% AHA + 1% BHA in an effective Overnight Face Peel that battles blemishes like a pro while deeply exfoliating your skin - all thanks to Glycolic Acid. That’s not all, it evens skin tone, minimizes the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, and unclogs congested pores with regular use. Power-packed with Vitamin E & anti-inflammatory ingredients, it soothes irritated skin while providing radiant blemish-free skin.

Consumer Testing Results

80% of consumers found improvement in skin texture after using AHA + BHA

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Benefits to Love

Daily Gentle Exfoliation
Time to win all the battles against blemishes! Say hello to the gentle & yet powerful formulation of 7% AHA + 1% BHA Overnight Face Peel.
Restores Radiance & Refines Texture
Improves skin structure & reduces signs of aging by minimizing pores, accelerating cell turnover, & repairing the skin’s protective barrier.
Replenishes & Recharges Skin
Powered by AHA-BHA, the overnight peel replenishes & recharges skin while promoting skin renewal for a porcelain-smooth and even skin tone.


How Does Vitamin E Help Skin?

Experts suggest that VItamin E is an essential antioxidant when used in its most potent form, helps with skin hydration, supports firmness, and improves skin softness.

Is This Peel A Unisex Product?

Yes, 7% AHA + 1% BHA Overnight Face Peel can be used by both men & women of age over 18 years.

Is This A Skin Lightening Face Peel?

No, 7% AHA + 1% BHA Overnight Face Peel is infused with potent ingredients like 3% Glycolic Acid, 2% Lactic Acid & 2% Phytic Acid, 1% Salicylic Acid, and Vitamin E that helps in deep exfoliation, bring out even skin tone, fights free radical damage leading to brighter & luminous skin.

I Have Sensitive Skin Will This Overnight Face Peel Have Any Harmful Side Effects?

7% AHA + 1% BHA Overnight Face Peel is curated with safe & effective ingredients that work perfectly for sensitive skin. Also, there are no recorded side effects.

What Actives I Must Avoid While Using AHA BHA?

One must always remember to avoid using AHAs & BHAs like Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid & Lactic Acid with Retinol with Vitamin C.

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Laxmi Vithalani | JAN 1, 2024
Verified Purchase
This AHA-BHA face peel improves skin structure & reduces signs of aging by minimizing pores.This peel gently exfoliates and fights blemishes.It reduces apperance of fine lines and wrinkles.Best for AHalA-BHA begginers.
Dil | DEC 10, 2023
Verified Purchase
Very effective
Rakshanda naik | SEP 22, 2023
Verified Purchase
This products actually works, so just close your eyes and go for it trust me. I am using the derma. Co since so many years, i will be always thankfull for the derma. Co.for all their products
Samita D | SEP 1, 2023
Verified Purchase
I was never keen on using any chemical for overnight treatment because I feel that's the time the skin breeds so we should not use chemical but after the blies started happening I was totally unsure what to do. This product came as an miracle peel definitely a must try this makes your skin looks much better and unllclog the blemishes and also makes it look much better this is definitely one of the great product and its your skin overnight.