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8% Glycolic Acid Daily Face Cream with Cica Extract & Tasmanian Pepperberry - 30g

For Daily Skin Renewal | Makes Skin Bright
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Meet your skin's personal trainer packed with the power of Glycolic Acid - the holy grail for gentle yet effective exfoliation to unlock radiance & even skin tone. Our 8% Glycolic Acid Daily Face Cream effectively removes dead cells and reduces signs of aging. Glycolic Acid, a potent Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), smoothens skin, helping reveal a fresh, youthful glow. Tazman Pepper in this cream soothes and calms your skin while Cica Extract hydrates the skin and lightens acne marks and scars. The best part? You can use it daily for skin renewal and a brighter complexion.

Consumer Testing Results

80% of consumers found improvement in their skin tone and texture after using Glycolic Acid.

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Benefits to Love

Removes Dead Skin Cells
The perfect blend of 8% Glycolic Acid in this cream makes it the perfect skin BFF to fight dead cells & get fresher skin.
Makes Skin Clear
Cica Extract helps fight acne, scars, burns & cuts furthermore reducing acne & acne marks - making skin clear and confident!
Soothes & Calms Skin
Tasmanian Pepperberry is extremely soothing for the skin and helps reduce itching, burning sensation & more.


Can I Use This Cream With Other Actives?

Yes, you can use 8% Glycolic Acid Face Cream with any skincare product that has Hyaluronic Acid. Since it’s a humectant, it will deeply hydrate & replenish your skin.

Is It Effective On Sensitive Skin?

Yes, the Derma Co 8% Glycolic Acid Face Cream is ideal for sensitive skin.

What Does Glycolic Acid Do To Your Skin?

Glycolic Acid has brilliant anti-aging properties, treats acne & gently exfoliates the skin while maintaining the natural pH level. When used with Kojic Acid, it helps reduce dark spots and skin dullness to impart flawless, clear & smooth skin.

Are There Any Side Effects I Should Be Worried About?

Don’t worry! There are no recorded side effects, and it’s completely normal to experience mild burning after application. It lasts for 10-12 seconds and happens due to active ingredients within the serum.

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Vinay | APR 8, 2024
Verified Purchase
This glycolic acid cream for dry skin has extremely transformed my skincare and revived my skin to its original state. The regular moisturizer wasn’t doing anything. But this cream is pure magic. I have noticed a significant reduction in the appearance of acne scars and other premature aging signs. Also, it has calmed down skin irritation and has helped me achieve a brighter and even skin tone.
Muskan | APR 8, 2024
Verified Purchase
The Derma Co 8% Glycolic Acid Daily Face Cream is a skincare wonder I have been finding for a long time now. Finally, I got it! Gifted by my colleague, it has helped me get rid of dead skin cells, fight acne, and reduce scars, leaving my skin looking brighter and healthier. The Derma Co glycolic acid cream has evened out my skin tone and has gently nourished my skin. Also, soothing skin inflammations is an added benefit that I love.
Diksha | APR 8, 2024
Verified Purchase
The powerful blend of Glycolic Acid, Cica Extract, and Tasmanian Pepperberry has worked wonders in revealing a brighter and more even skin tone. I've noticed a significant improvement in acne, scars, and marks. My skin feels relaxed and so light. I highly recommend this 8% glycolic acid cream as it can be used by anyone. My mother is also using it, and she has oily skin, and I have sensitive skin. No side effects!
Dharam | APR 8, 2024
Verified Purchase
The anti-inflammatory properties work like magic in calming skin irritation and redness. It's a versatile solution for all skin types, and I love the clear and confident look it imparts to my skin. It is quite effective at treating acne, scars, and marks. I’ve been using this glycolic cream regularly, and it has revealed a brighter and more even skin tone.