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All-Rounder Sensitive Skin Kit

Repairs Skin Barrier | Calms Sensitive Skin
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Give your skin the princess treatment with our All-Rounder Sensitive Skin Kit that comes packed with 1% Ceramide Complex Milk Jelly Cleanser, 4% Ceramide Complex Face Cream, and Ceramide + HA Intense Daily Face Moisturizer. Pearly & dreamy, the Milk Jelly Cleanser gently cleanses & hydrates your skin without any sudsy feeling. The 4% Ceramide Complex Face Cream in this kit has been carefully designed to hydrate and strengthen the skin’s barrier to keep it soft and supple. Also, the Ceramide + HA Intense Daily Face Moisturizer forms a protective layer that calms irritated skin, repairs skin damage, and retains moisture while speeding up the healing process.

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Benefits to Love

Kojic Acid Cream Treats Pigmentation
Keeps Skin Hydrated
It’s time to bid adieu to dry and stretched skin with 1% Ceramide Complex Milky Jelly Daily Cleanser that keeps skin hydrated and feeling fresh every time you use it.
Lightweight & Quick Absorption
4% Ceramide Complex Face Cream is made dexterously with five varieties of Ceramides, making this cream ideal for your usage.
Dermaco Kojic Acid Cream Promotes Healthy Radiance
Calms Irritated Skin
The Ceramide + HA Intense Daily Face Moisturizer forms a protective layer on the skin that calms irritated skin and keeps skin hydrated for a long time.


Who Can Use this Kit?

The Sensitive Skin Kit is suitable for all skin types. Anyone with sensitive and irritated skin can use this kit.

What Should I Do To Prepare My Skin?

You don’t need to prep your skin before using this kit.

Does The Kit Have Toxins?

No. The Derma Co.'s Sensitive Skin Kit is free from nasties like parabens and SLS.

I Have Hypersensitive Skin. Can I Use This Kit?

People with hypersensitive skin should first do a patch test and use the kit if it is tolerable.

How Often Can We Use This Kit?

For best and fast results, use it twice a day.

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Binita | MAR 14, 2023
Verified Purchase
Very effective All-Rounder Sensitive Skin Kit by Derma Co. feels great to use on sensitive and oily skin. I've been using it for two months and no adverse effects.
Hina | MAR 14, 2023
Verified Purchase
I tried this All-Rounder Sensitive Skin Kit and best results.. Very light on the skin, the face cream is best and I can use it daily.
Vidya Joshi | MAR 14, 2023
Verified Purchase
This Derma Co skincare kit is fantastic. I have really sensitive skin and this is the best for me. No side effects. AMAZING!...
Teena Seshadri | MAR 14, 2023
Verified Purchase
Amazing kit by Derma Co. I use it on a regular basis and trust me, this is the best thing I have ever used...