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Clear & even skin incoming! Meet the duo power of Kojic Acid to improve skin radiance, reduce pigmentation & fade away the dark spots. Start your journey towards spotless & radiant complexion with 1% Kojic Acid Face Wash - the perfect blend of Kojic Acid, Alpha Arbutin & Niacinamide for brighter & even skin. The 2% Kojic Acid Serum is power-packed with Kojic Acid & Alpha Arbutin to work on controling the melanin production & efficiently fade dark spots & pigmentation. The best part? The combo helps in repairing past sign of damage for the crystal clear skin.

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Benefits to Love

Non-Drying & Non-Greasy
Apply, wash & voila! Fight pigmentation & reduce dark spots with every splash.
Treats Dark Spots & Pigmentation:
The perfect blend of potent ingredients makes this serum your go-to partner to minimize dark spots & pigmentation
Power-Packed With Kojic Acid
Improve skin discoloration & fight free radical damage to keep your skin clear & smooth.


Will This Derma Kojic Acid Serum Work On Sun-Damaged Skin?

Yes, 2% Kojic Acid Face Serum is highly efficacious in working on sun-damaged skin.

What Does 1% Alpha Arbutin do?

1% Alpha Arbutin works wonders towards fading effects of hyperpigmentation like age spots, acne marks, and melasma. It also prevents recurrence of skin discoloration even after a sunburn, by blocking tyrosine (a non-essential amino acid that binds with tyrosinase to produce more melanin).

Are There Any Side Effects I Should Be Worried About?

No side effects of using the 2% Kojic Acid Face Serum have been recorded yet. However, we suggest you do a patch test before using it.

What Does This Serum Actively Work On?

The 2% Kojic Acid Face Serum works actively towards fading dark spots, improving skin discoloration, fights sun damage and pigmentation.

How Much Serum Should Be Applied?

Apply 3-5 drops of serum on the entire face and neck in a gentle circular motion. When heading outdoors, always follow it up with a high-protection, broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Should I Apply The Serum On Dry Or Wet Skin?

Use the 2% Kojic Acid Face Serum on clean and dry skin. Before applying the serum, take a break of 10 minutes post-cleansing, for maximum results.

I Have Hypersensitive Skin, Can I Use This Derma Kojic Acid Serum?

People with hypersensitive skin should first do a patch test on other body parts (behind the ear) and use the serum only if it is tolerable. If not, discontinue usage.

Can I Use This Serum Thrice A Day For More Effective Results?

No. For achieving the best results, use 2% Kojic Acid Face Serum twice a day.

How Many Times Do I Need To Use This Face Wash?

Use the 1% Kojic Acid Daily Face Wash twice, every day for best results.

Is It Effective On Oily Skin?

Yes, the 1% Kojic Acid Daily Face Wash is ideal for oily and sensitive skin.

Will This Help Me Get Brighter Skin?

Yes, as Kojic Acid Daily Face Wash is formulated with potent ingredients like Kojic Acid, Niacinamide & Alpha-Arbutin that is known to fight dark spots & pigmentation, hence making it he most suitable face wash to achieve radiant, spotless & flawlessly glowing skin.

Does It Help In Reducing Pigmentation?

Yes, the Kojic Acid Daily Face Wash reduces pigmentation, dark spots & more.

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