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Healthy & Clear Skin Combo (1% Hyaluronic Sunscreen Aqua Gel + 2% Kojic Acid Cream)

Broad Spectrum Sun Protection | Treats Pigmentation
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Clear & even skin incoming! Meet 1% Hyaluronic Sunscreen Aqua Gel & 2% Kojic Acid Cream combo that not only treats pigmentation but also gives your skin broad-spectrum sun protection. Get the ideal sun protection with 1% Hyaluronic Sunscreen Aqua Gel that holds the power of SPF 50 & PA++++ formulation and keeps your skin protected from harmful UVA Also, banish dark spots and blemishes safely with 2% Kojic Acid Face Cream in this combo that evens the skin tone, fades discoloration & treats pigmentation in as early as three weeks! Welcome healthy, glowing and sun-protected skin with this combo!

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Benefits to Love

Treats Pigmentation
2% Kojic Acid prevents the formation of tyrosine - an amino acid that produces melanin and leads to pigmentation.
Promotes Healthy Radiance
Kojic Acid & Vitamin C impart a youthful glow, have anti-aging effects, decrease the appearance of scars, & promote healthy radiance.
Broad Spectrum Protection (PA++++)
The presence of more than three ‘+’ signs signifies that sunscreen provides the best protection against UVA rays.


 <strong>Is It Suitable For All Skin Types?</strong>

Yes. This combo is suitable for all skin types especially if you’ve dark spots or marks that you want to treat.

 <strong>Do I need to Use the Products Together?</strong>

Yes, during the day you can apply the 2% Kojic Acid Cream followed by the 1% Hyaluronic Sunscreen Aqua Gel. At night, you don’t need to apply the sunscreen.

 <strong> What is the role of Vitamin E in 1% Hyaluronic Sunscreen Aqua Gel? </strong>

 The presence of Vitamin E in this sunscreen provides extra protection against acute UVB damage and protects against cell mutation caused by sun and pollution exposure.

 <strong>Can I use this combo every day? </strong>

Yes, to get the desired results, we recommend using this combo everyday.

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