5 Reasons Why Your Skin Isn’t Agreeing With You

Apr 09, 2020   Dr. Preeti Talwar Skincare

Did you know that your phone has 10x the bacteria than your toilet?

Your skin is the biggest organ and hence the most exposed to free radicals, bacteria, and the sun. When you’re working on your skin, the chances are that the much raved about home remedies or OTC pills may not be as effective as you think.

Every skin is different, so take 5 minutes and spend it to Google the ingredients on the bottle to see if your skin type is suitable. For all you know, you might need a different blend as opposed to what worked for the blogger you follow or reviews you’ve read.

Also, you really don’t need every kind of skin product out there. You can have the basics that work into your CTMP (Cleanse – Treat – Moisturize – Protect) routine, and you’re good.

Full disclosure: Botox and fillers are not going to help you to the same degree as a good skincare routine or regimen. Also, makeup can only do so much.

5 Reasons Why Your Skin Isn’t Agreeing With You

So, what could you possibly be doing to irritate your skin?

  1. Over-Exfoliating, Over-Drying, Over-Doing Your Skin

All these actions are subject to abuse, and what’s worse is that your hands will be on your face 24/7 trying to calm an itch that can lead to bacteria infiltration and breeding.

  1. The Order in Which You Apply Your Products


Step 1 – Cleansing preps your skin for your AM & PM skincare regimen. The top layer of the skin is like a pore sponge that becomes soft after cleansing. It allows the treatment to absorb quickly and reach deep within.

Step 2 – The treatment product is applied before a moisturizer, as a moisturizer helps lock in the treatment, allowing it to work on the concern areas without evaporating from the skin.

Step 3 – Wait 3-5 mins for the treatment to absorb before applying a moisturizer. If you have oily skin, you can skip the moisturizer. If your sunblock has both moisturizing and SPF properties, skip the moisturizer. 

Step 4 – This is the last but crucial step that seals the deal for a good skincare routine. In fact, the sun ages your skin faster than stress, so make sure to block the sun rays with a broad-spectrum sunscreen. 

  1. Not Removing Makeup 

Makeup is not restricted to just women, and removing it before bed is important. At the least, remove it with face wipes, if you get lazy or don’t want to touch water during winters.

  1. Hygiene

Keeping your face towels clean once a week is advised. Wet foundations left in makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria. So, make cognitive decisions on when to wash and how to keep them from collecting dirt and moisture.

  1. Picking On Your Face

Hands up! No matter how uncomfortable you are looking at a pimple, DO NOT pick them. It leads to internal scarring for which there is no permanent fix. And yes, sometimes, depending on the severity of acne, acne marks are left behind which is okay as it is really beyond your control.

According to skin science, it takes 28 days for the skin to respond and project the desired effect of an active ingredient. So, if you think your skin is not responding to a specific serum or drug, give it at least a month and consult with a dermatologist before making the switch.

Dumping products on your skin and picking them when you’re angry is only going to turn into a guilty circle of ugly. When it comes to skin problems, early detection and commitment to a skin regimen are basics.

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