This Multi-Peptide Hair Serum is the Internet’s New Hair Loss Fix

 Jul 09, 2020   Ask a Dermatologist

The majority of men and women experience hair loss, and it is not surprising why there is a huge demand for hair loss solutions. Today, there are numerous hair fall solutions available that improve hair quality, thickness, and promote hair growth. 

This Multi-Peptide Hair Serum is the Internet’s New Hair Loss Fix

Though there are many causes of hair loss, the most common one is the trauma suffered by hair follicles due to DHT impact or hormonal shift, resulting in it being inactive for new hair growth.

Hair fall to an extent is also completely normal, however, the definition of normality may differ for each individual. If you notice hair loss more than the usual count, there may be an underlying issue that needs immediate attention. 

How does The Derma Co. Multi-Peptide Serum Stand Out?

The Derma Co. Multi-Peptide Hair Serum is designed to support hair health. Working with breakthrough ingredients such as Procapil and Caffeine to promote thicker, fuller, and denser hair. This lightweight hair growth serum is made from an emollient base for effective penetration and other clinical concentrations for maximum results.

How Does it Work?

The science behind The Derma Co. Multi-Peptide Serum is two simple and clinically proven ingredients that work hard at addressing concerns like hair loss while also strengthening hair follicles and reactivating hair growth. 

Procapil is proven & well researched for its anti-DHT action. DHT is a hormone that causes hair to fall explicitly in both men & women. It blocks essential nutrients from reaching hair follicles, causing it to degrade, shrink, and eventually stopping new hair growth. 

Caffeine causes the hair cells to produce ‘ATP,’ an energy source for cellular metabolism produced naturally by the body. ATP is an ingredient that encourages and maintains hair growth right from the anagen phase. It also increases blood circulation, promotes healthy hair follicles, and strengthens hair roots, resulting in faster new hair growth.

Who is it Suitable For?

The Derma Co. Multi-Peptide Hair Serum is a perfect solution for both men & women experiencing hair fall, slow hair growth, or even thinning hair. 

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