What Is Acne & Why Do You Have It?

 Jun 13, 2020   SkincareAcne

Acne is most common in teenagers and adults, the two phases in life where the body undergoes major changes. Acne can be treated, but it is vital to understand the root cause of the problem and then to go ahead with treatments.

What is Acne?

It is an inflammatory reaction that arises due to distress, heat, uncomfortable digestive gut, hormonal fluctuations (due to body changes like adolescence or pregnancy), increased oil production (common for people with oily skin), and gene transfer. 

What Is Acne & Why Do You Have It?

It is of two different types:

  1. Inflammatory (whitehead/pustule/papule, cyst, nodule)
  2. Non-inflammatory (blackhead)

When you begin having acne issues, it is essential to get your skin tested. Consult a dermatologist to tackle the problem before you get the urge to pop and cause a chain reaction.

Inflammatory acne is very sensitive and needs to be given the utmost care to avoid scarring. This is when the concerned pore area is closed and clogged by germs, dead cells, and sebum, choking an infinite number of skin tissues.

If you pop a pimple, you will be puncturing the skin and have a permanent scar. The pimple should calm down naturally, or for a faster and more effective result, you can apply a topical like AHA-BHA Gel or Benzoyl Peroxide. If the pimple pops on its own and a scar is formed, treat it immediately by gently massaging the area with Niacinamide Serum or any clinical solution recommended by a dermatologist.

Note: Natural ingredients do not work on scars. Also, the longer you wait, the more permanent it will become and costlier to treat as well.

A blackhead is the result of hardened excess sebum combined with dead skin cells that are present on the skin’s surface. In this case, the pore clog is open and not covered by skin. The dead skin and oil mixture contained in the open pore reacts with oxygen in the air and turns black. Gentle exfoliation with an AHA-BHA cleanser and a clean microfiber towel, twice a week, will solve this problem.

Few of the reasons for getting acne includes:

  1. Excess oil production
  2. Hair follicles blocked by dead skin, dirt, and bacteria
  3. Excessive hormonal activity

When to Consult a Dermatologist?

It is only natural to resort to natural ingredients when you see a zit. Turmeric, aloe-vera are all known to soothe and calm a pimple. But if the root cause of the problem is hormones or if the acne persists and it is severe, you may need to seek professional help and get medical treatment. For example, many experience acne for the best half of their lives with mild to moderate flares a week, and the only way natural ingredients will work is if you work it into your diet.

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