The Derma Co.
2% Salicylic Acid Serum - 30ml
Treats Active Acne | Unclogs Pores
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Let acne be a short story! The Derma Co. 2% Salicylic Acid Serum is a multitasking formulation that treats acne, unclogs pores, and prevents skin damage. Introduce this skincare BFF to your regimen and you're sorted! The combination of 2% Salicylic Acid & Witch Hazel exfoliates the pores' walls to prevent the appearance of whiteheads and blackheads. With no more sebum in the pores, it eventually stops the formation of acne. When pimples say hi, give them the best farewell with this super serum! Bring on the best of the filter-free YOU with your spotless, unique & youthful skin.

Consumer Testing Results
89% of consumers said the serum was effective in treating active acne
Real People Real Stories
Komal Singh
Treats Acne & Safe for All Skin Types
Super safe to use & works as intended to be. Been using it for 6 months now & have only amazing things to say about it. It completely stopped the occurrence of blackheads & acne on my face. Loved it!
Parikshit Gupta
I am in Love with my Skin in 5 Weeks!
I hated the blackheads occurring on my T-zone. I wanted to find a clinical solution & found it with 2% Salicylic Acid Serum by The Derma Co. It has not just faded acne but also unclogs pores for good!
Benefits to Love
Treats Acne
2% Salicylic Acid is intensely exfoliating and controls excess oil in the pores. It acts as a potent ingredient to treat existing pimples and acne, as well as prevent further breakouts.
Unclogs Pores
The anti-inflammatory and oil-soluble properties of Salicylic Acid allow it to penetrate deep within the pores to unclog them.
Stops Whiteheads & Blackheads
It clears out the pores by detaching the dead skin cells & other debris from within the pores, allowing the skin to get clearer over time.
Ratings & Reviews
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  438 Reviews
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2%Salicylic acid face serum -30ml | MAY 31, 2023
Verified Purchase
Loved it" It's very useful for dry skin nd removing dark spots blemishes and maintain skin texture.
Nidhi | MAY 30, 2023
Verified Purchase
Salicylic Acid intensely exfoliates and controls excess oil in the pores. It acts as a potent ingredient to treat existing acne, as well as prevents further breakouts. All in all, this gel is a blessing for acne-prone skin got so much healed after using this one serum that i dont require any makeup or other skin care product now
Nikita Sinha | MAY 25, 2023
Verified Purchase
I just loved this product❤Finally got a solution for my acne face. It's just added to my bag. You can go with this without even a doubt
Pragathi Anand | MAY 22, 2023
Verified Purchase
I genuinely saying this broke me out for 3 months from buying, i used it in many kinds to control purging but this made my skin worsen like more pimples as the next day of using and my skin proned to more tiny bumps which r so worse. I still braking out but compare to first use it is almost started showing results on me, when I thought it might not suit my skin I had to complete the bottle bcz i couldn't throw it. Let me share some tips to use it to get control of purging. 1) use it with the moisturizer for atleast 20 days like mixing a drop of SA serum into moisturizer to control high concentration of product. 2) use it as a spot treatment to ur acne as it works best for even beginners. 3) Apply as a sandwich method like moisturizer as a first and last layer where the serum is second layer in between. 3) At next i used it on my chin area where I had white heads under my lips and from the regular use u can get a good result even i use it on my nose as well. 4) I prefer to use it in the night as it is exfoliating ingredients.