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2% Vitamin E Daily Hydrating Body Serum-Lotion with Vitamin E, Lactic Acid & Oat Extract - 250 ml

Treats Dry Skin | Made For Sensitive Skin
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Say hello to your skin’s BFF for deeply moisturized and healthy skin, it’s 2% Vitamin E Daily Hydrating Body Serum-Lotion. Formulated with Vitamin E, an effective antioxidant that moisturizes skin while strengthening the skin’s barrier. Perfect for everyday use, the serum lotion ensures you get soft and smooth skin with regular use. Lactic Acid and Oat Extract in the lotion remove dead skin cells and prevent dryness while PENTAVITIN® & AQUAXYL™ come together in this unique & lightweight serum to give your skin oodles of hydration without any stickiness. The best part? It’s fragrance-free!

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Benefits to Love

Prevents Dryness
The unique combination of Vitamin E, Lactic Acid, and Oat Extract keeps dryness at bay & restores your skin’s essential moisture, giving you oh-so-soft and smooth skin.
Provides Intense Hydration
Time to bid adieu to dryness & boosts hydration with the dream team of PENTAVITIN® & AQUAXYL™.
Promotes Healthy Skin Barrier
Oat Extract in this serum lotion protects your skin from damage caused by free radicals creating a protective barrier on the skin's surface.


Can I Use It Everyday On My Dry Skin?

The Derma Co. 2% Vitamin E Daily Hydrating Body Serum-Lotion is formulated with Vitamin E, Lactic Acid & Oat Extract, which are effective yet gentle on all skin types and ideal for daily use.

What Is The Consistency Of The Products?

The Derma Co. 2% Vitamin E Daily Hydrating Body Serum-Lotion has a lightweight serum-like texture that absorbs well into the skin while keeping you hydrated and dryness at bay.

I Have Extremely Dry & Flaky Skin, Will This Work For Me?

Yes, 2% Vitamin E Daily Hydrating Body Serum-Lotion is ideal for dry & irritated skin as it provides intense and long lasting hydration while keeping the skin healthy.

Can I Use It For My Face?

The skin on your face is much more sensitive than the body, hence we recommend using our 3% Vitamin E Moisturizer on your face and 2% Vitamin E Daily Hydrating Body Serum Lotion for the rest of your body for best results.

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Neetu Awasthi | JAN 30, 2024
Verified Purchase
I had dry and sensitive skin. I tried too many things but nothing works better than vitamin E daily hydratinf body serum lotion of dermaco. It promotes hydration over my skin and provides a smooth and healthier skin. It also reduces dark spots and give me a spotless skin
Prachi | DEC 4, 2023
Verified Purchase
The fragrance is heavenly! It's subtle yet lingers throughout the day. I catch whiffs of it and instantly feel pampered. The perfect finishing touch to my skincare routine.
Kasturi | DEC 3, 2023
Verified Purchase
My skin looks plump and youthful since incorporating this into my routine. The combination of ingredients is a powerhouse for anti-aging and hydration.
Tantri | DEC 2, 2023
Verified Purchase
The texture of this serum-lotion is amazing. It sinks into the skin seamlessly, leaving no residue. Perfect for those busy mornings when you need effective skincare without the wait.