250 mg Collagen Effervescent Tablet for Improved Skin Health

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250 mg Collagen Effervescent Tablet for Improved Skin Health
Improves Skin’s Elasticity – Give your skin a #FilterFree life with 250 mg Collagen Effervescent Tablets that improve skin’s elasticity and overall health. Oral supplementation of plant-based collagen improves dermal collagen density, leading to skin that’s more elastic and supple. Welcome #HealthierSkin that’s inspired by the real you!
Slows Down Signs of Aging –Bring out your skin’s natural glow as you slow down aging with a shot of collagen every day. As the most abundant protein in the body, collagen improves skin’s structure, elasticity, and hydration. It works on reducing wrinkles leading to slowing down signs of aging.
Vegetarian, Sugar-Free & Yummy Strawberry Flavor – Enjoy a Strawberry flavored drink of collagen as you start your skin repair journey. Unique effervescent technology improves better absorption of actives in the body. Made with a vegetarian source, the tables are sugar-free for the calorie-conscious hidden inside you!

Rating and Reviews

As I am very much fond of strawberry flavor I enjoyed it very much. these sugar free tablets are really improved skin elasticity. With the help of these tablets we can slow down signs of aging. Definitely a unique product by Dermaco.
Sonia chaurasia
These collagen tablets are really good and best way to boost collagen production in body...
Sushmita --
It makes Very glow and soft skin